A Vision for Europe

A competition for students in cooperation with Saarland University

Where is the spark that can kindle young people’s enthusiasm for Europe today? What experience, what insight, what argument will prove so compelling that it gives Europe the strength to renew and complete itself? The Friedrich Foundation invites students of all disciplines to take part in its competition “A Vision for Europe” and provide answers to these questions.

Entrants can freely choose the form of their contribution: a concept sketch, an essay, a literary work (each about 3-5 pages of text) or a graphic short story (about 10-15 pages). For longer contributions, entrants should contact the Friedrich Foundation. The papers can be written in English, German, or French.

The deadline for entries is 31 March 2024.

The Friedrich Foundation will award prizes (first prize 2,500 euros, second prize 1,500 euros, third prize 1,000 euros) for the most convincing entries. Contributions should be sent to the following email address:


For further information, please follow this link.